To make certain utmost gain from this analysis the vision 2020 should target: (a) to achieve an annual expected growth rate in foreign tourist arrivals and growth in domestic tourists, (b) to increase earnings from tourism at a significant rising rate yearly, (c) to innovate and promote new tourism product/destination every year (d) to add required hotel rooms in star categories every year, (e) to create employment opportunities every year.

Accordingly for the formulation of effective strategy to boost up the tourism potentials in Bangladesh, the concerned authorities from both public and private sectors are:

(a) to elevate tourism as the economic and employment priority of the country by using tourism as the vehicle of growth for physical, social and economic development,

(b) to promote Tourism Vision 2020: A Case of Bangladesh Tourism with Special Emphasis, sustainable tourism development with focus on conservation and preservation of heritage,

(c) to enact proper legislation to sustain the industry and to regulate tourism activities through Government, and industry players,

(d) to develop infrastructure through private sector and private-public partnership,

(e) to develop and promote tourism products with continuous focus on backwaters, performing arts, pilgrim centers, cuisines and ecotourism,

(f) to ensure quality services in all areas of tourism in the form of regulation, classification and monitoring,

(g) to create sufficient quality human resources in the field of tourism and strengthen the institutional mechanism, (h) to explore and develop new markets for tourism products at domestic and international levels,

(i) to conserve and preserve the unique cultural heritage of the country,

(j) to develop and promote souvenir, handicrafts, artifacts and shopping industry, and

(k) to ensure the safety and security of tourists.